About Dsyphagia

Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties.

The patients have difficulty moving the food from the mouth to the stomach. The swallowing process is usually long, accompanied with or without pains, and in severe cases, the patients cannot swallow at all.

The specific symptoms are:

  • Must swallow food for several times;
  • Cough, or even wake up in the middle of the night;
  • Food remains in the mouth, causing odours in the mouth;
  • Drooling due to weakening muscle control in the mouth;
  • Weight loss and dehydration;
  • May cause pneumonia due to a long-term cough.
Level 1Difficulty swallowing or unable to swallow, not suitable for swallowing training 
Level 2A large amount of accidental aspiration, difficulty swallowing or unable to swallow, suitable for basic swallowing training
Level 3If proper training can reduce accidental aspiration, can execute an eating training
Level 4Eating as interest is possible, but nutritional intake still requires a non-mouthed approach
Level 5Only 1-2 meals nutritional intake through the mouth
Level 63 meals nutritional intake can be passed through the mouth
Level 7If you can swallow food, 3 meals can be eaten by mouth
Level 8Except for a few hard-to-swallow foods, 3 meals can be eaten through the mouth
Level 9Can swallow ordinary food but need guidance
Level 10Normal ability to eat and swallow