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Our chewing and swallowing ability decline with age, and older people with swallowing difficulties account for about 30% of the total elderly population. As a result, people with difficulty swallowing have problems in eating, and they have fewer choices of food, which affect their appetite that leads to malnutrition. Senior Deli is committed to developing products for people with dysphagia. Our products include food and drink thickener, food softener and pre-pack soft meals, giving them more choices in catering, helping them to eat safely, and maintaining a balanced diet.

Senior Deli focuses on innovating specialized products for people with dysphagia

Our team includes University of Cambridge PhDs and Imperial College PhDs. Currently, we are the incubatee of Cambridge University ideaSpace incubator, The University of Hong Kong iDendron incubator, and Qian Hai incubator of the Shenzhen government. Our laboratory is located at The Chinese University of Hong Kong Research Institute.

In 2019, our food engineering project was the top six teams in more than 2,000 teams and won the Bronze Award in the 4th Qianhai-Guangdong- Hong Kong-Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In 2020, our project won the championship in the 7th Guangzhou Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held by the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee.

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E-Mail: info@seniordeli.com