Food Softener

The product is mainly used for softening hard ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, etc. In order to improve the physical properties of food. By Senior Deli’s independent research and development technologies, hardness can be reduced by half, thereby solving the problem of food that is too hard to bite. At the same time, nutritional value is retained, so people with dysphagia can eat safely and maintain their nutritional health.


  • Soften ingredients to half their original hardness while keeping the original flavor and shape
  • Suitable for meat, fish and shellfish, all vegetables (including roots, vegetables, and leaves)
  • They are easy to prepare and you can soak before cooking or add them during cooking
  • Suitable for people who have difficulty chewing
  • The product is used to produce food that meets The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)* levels 6 (soft & bite-sized) and 7 (easy to chew). We recommend seeking professional advice from a speech therapist before use, to determine the appropriate level for the individual.


Sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, carrageenan, trehalose, dextrin, papain, bromelain, pectinase, cellulase


Detailed instructions are provided along with the product

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