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Senior Deli thickener is an instant food and drinks thickener for dysphagia patients. Simply mix the product into either hot or cold liquids or food to get them to your desired thickness.

People with swallowing problems can eat and drink safely using our product with the risk of aspiration pneumonia, dehydration and malnutrition greatly reduced.

  • Transparent, flavorless and odorless; does not alter the taste or smell of food or drinks
  • Highly soluble; lump-free and applicable to both hot and cold liquids
  • Convenient; instant thickening in 30 seconds
  • Affordable; only a small amount is needed per use
  • Stable; does not thicken over time and is not thinned by saliva

Food Softener

Senior Deli food softener modifies food textures using our enzyme technology. It is used to soften hard ingredients, such as meat and different kinds of vegetables, while maintaining their original form and flavor. This allows food to be consumed safely and ensures sufficient nutritional intake.


Food Gellant

Senior Deli food gellant helps you prepare soft meals in only 3 simple steps: blending, heating, and shaping. With our food gellant, you can easily make different recipes and prepare a large variety of soft meals. It can also be a replacement for porridge or purées. Senior Deli food gellant is formulated with enzymes. The taste of the resulting paste is different from other soft meals which are made with gelling powder or starch. The paste can easily be reshaped into the original form of the food. This helps increase appetite and allows the elderly to consume more nutrients.


Prepacked Soft Meals

Our prepacked soft meals are designed by dieticians and catering specialists according to the nutritional needs of the elderly. Our soft meals are classified according to the IDDSI standards with levels ranging from soft & bite-sized, minced & moist to pureed. The elders can choose soft meals according to swallowing abilities and food preference to satisfy their nutritional needs.