ready-to-eat carefood

In order to meet the nutrtional needs of the elderly and different physical conditions (such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.), we have meals specifically designed by dietician and catering teams. The elderly can choose different soft meals with rich nutrition according to their own taste and swallowing function. We have two categories: texture-modified carefood and mousse carefood.

Ready-to-eat softmeals was first introduced by Senior Deli, which is designed according to International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), as Level 5 (minced and moist), while mousse carefood is Level 4 (pureed).

Store at minus 18 degrees or lower.
Easy and fast to prepare,

we offer a variety of popular Hong Kong style dishes.

You can select according to your personal preferences.

Simple and fast, you can enjoy it in just a few moments!

We are the first company to use this patented technology for the production of Soften foods,
which satisfies the requirement of Level 5 (minced and moisted), according to IDDSI.
this allows the user to choose from a variety of soft meals that are rich in nutrition, based on their own taste and level of swallowing ability.
Products are produced by a factory that is ISO 9001-certified, offering confidence to public.


  • This softening process has been patented in Hong Kong by Senior Deli
  • Keeps the original taste of the food
  • Increases the softness of the food to about 25% of original
  • Easy to crush with tongue and gums
  • No water is added to the production process. Nutrients are better retained as a result.
  • The elders can regain the joy of eating food in its original form.
ready-to-eat carfood