Our Products


Senior Deli food thickener is an instant food thickener for dysphagia patients. Simply mix the product into either hot or cold liquids and food to get them to your desired thickness.  

People with swallowing problems can eat and drink safely using our product with the risk of aspiration pneumonia and malnutrition significantly reduced.

  • Transparent, flavourless and odourless; does not alter the taste and smell of food
  • Highly soluble; lump-free and applicable to both hot and cold liquids
  • Convenient; instant thickening in 30 seconds
  • Affordable; only a small amount is needed per use
  • Steady and constant; does not over-thicken with time

Food softener

Food softener is another product introduced for people with difficulty swallowing. It is mainly used to soften hard ingredients, including meat and different kinds of vegetables, while maintaining their original form and flavour, to preserve their nutrition, to promote safe eating.     

Soft meal

Our soft meals are designed according to the needs of the elderly. Planning the menu properly to meet the nutritional needs of elders with poor dentition and chewing difficulties is of utmost importance. By selecting appropriate pre-pack food in different food texture and consistency, the meals can become nutritionally complete and palatable. Visually attractive and tasty foods can stimulate the appetite and improve food intake, which leads to functional nutritional status.